Wednesday, May 21, 2008


While perusing one of my favorite blogs -- perfect bound -- I ran across a link to a wonderful site: Modish. Modish is a blog that features handmade items and the artists behind such lovely works - and they sell these items from their blog (under the "shoppe" link)! You can search by keyword, and to my pleasant surprise I found several unique poppy items! If you are looking for clever details to go with your theme, you just might be so lucky as to find something here - LOVE the poppy pins and hairpins...what a great substitute for the classic flower boutonniere!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Featured Artist: Robin Ewers

You may have noticed the beautiful poppies on the header of this blog. Those poppies were hand-drawn by a local artist, my friend Robin Ewers. She drew these poppies, inspired by those from the original illustrations in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, especially for me to use as my recurring theme for all invitations, etc. They turned out perfect! She's even going to give us the original artwork to hang in our new home - what a great idea for a wedding keepsake!

Robin has many other great pieces of artwork, some of which can be seen on her website - her current projects include paintings of classic Hollywood stars - my favorite, Audrey Hepburn, is shown above. Thanks again Robin! You're work is fantastic and always a joy to see!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Poppy Party!

As you will soon find out, I am a HUGE fan of black! Therefore, for the past several years, I've been dreaming of a black & white wedding! My "Prince Charming," as I'll call him in my blog, wanted some color for our wedding, so we compromised on black + white + (insert color here). Oh the choices! I thought about taking inspiration from butterflies...but that was a no go. So while I was perusing to find some pictures of my winged friends in an effort to sway my honey's decision, I stumbled upon this beautiful shot of poppies!

Poppies have long been "popping" up in my life - from my Aunt's kitchen wallpaper to my favorite movie as a child, The Wizard of Oz - I always had a quiet appreciation for these delicate flowers. And that's when it hit me - POPPIES! We could use poppies as our theme and inspiration, and my Prince Charming gets his touch of color! Black + white + red = an elegant, chic and fun affair! I must warn you: I am now obsessed with anything poppy...I've found some great items from Anthropologie (even bought myself the jacket to wear for my shower) and a fun swim suit from Victoria's Secret (do I hear honeymoon suit?).

So here are my beloved poppies and my inspiration for our wedding theme. I hope everyone finds something inspiring for their day - whether it's a color, a flower, an insect or otherwise - a theme is a great way to keep everything in sync:
Scribble Poppy Blazer from Anthropologie; Seed Packet Pillow, Poppies from Anthropologie; Poppy Print/Black Trim Bikini from Victoria's Secret; Three poppies against a white background from; Martha Stewart's poppy & pink cake; Poppy illustration by William Wallace Denslow from the original book of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (image from The Library of Congress's online collection).

A Pisces Stuck in Cincinnati...

I'm a Pisces - aka "Dreamer" - and I live in Cincinnati. I'm getting married in November of this year and trying to get a grip on reality everyday, when it comes to my wedding dreams and my wedding reality. Referring to my wedding binder from childhood (this is why my friends call me Monica), it is filled with what every little girl dreams of - a fairytale wedding in a land far, far away, with your prince charming whisking you off to your magic kingdom on a white horse. Of all those dreams, I never thought the one to actually come true would be the prince charming part - but he makes all the other fantasies a little easier to part with.

However, I am still a dreamer at heart, so I wanted to start this blog to share the daily inspirations I happen to stumble upon, as well as real life resources from Cincinnati and other parts of the world. I have always loved weddings and all things related - any big event that provides an excuse to dress up and have all eyes on you is my idea of a good time - not to mention the marriage to follow (I don't forget that the whole reason behind a wedding is to commit yourselves to each other in marriage, until death do you part, etc. etc. - but who says we still can't have some fun planning the big day)!

I hope all visitors to this site find something to spark some creative ideas and helpful information to make their fairytale wedding somewhat of a reality. So grab your wedding binders and a comfy chair - let's get to work!