Monday, May 19, 2008

A Pisces Stuck in Cincinnati...

I'm a Pisces - aka "Dreamer" - and I live in Cincinnati. I'm getting married in November of this year and trying to get a grip on reality everyday, when it comes to my wedding dreams and my wedding reality. Referring to my wedding binder from childhood (this is why my friends call me Monica), it is filled with what every little girl dreams of - a fairytale wedding in a land far, far away, with your prince charming whisking you off to your magic kingdom on a white horse. Of all those dreams, I never thought the one to actually come true would be the prince charming part - but he makes all the other fantasies a little easier to part with.

However, I am still a dreamer at heart, so I wanted to start this blog to share the daily inspirations I happen to stumble upon, as well as real life resources from Cincinnati and other parts of the world. I have always loved weddings and all things related - any big event that provides an excuse to dress up and have all eyes on you is my idea of a good time - not to mention the marriage to follow (I don't forget that the whole reason behind a wedding is to commit yourselves to each other in marriage, until death do you part, etc. etc. - but who says we still can't have some fun planning the big day)!

I hope all visitors to this site find something to spark some creative ideas and helpful information to make their fairytale wedding somewhat of a reality. So grab your wedding binders and a comfy chair - let's get to work!

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Lisa Stone said...

Your writing style is wonderful! I enjoy what you have to say! I am not getting married, just celebrated my 20th anniversary the other day! But I am in the bridal industry - I design and create bridal jewelry. Still, I love all things bridal and love what you have to share!!!

Good luck with your endeavors!