Monday, October 20, 2008

Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbors' Loubs

That's right, I have a mad obsession with Loubs - aka Christian Louboutin shoes. If I was a shoe, I'd want to be a Loub. Thank you Christian for ruining me for life now when it comes to other shoe I've found can compare to the design and style of my coveted Loubs. Unfortunately, I'm just a lowly graphic designer and therefore unable to grant my feet the luxuries they so desire and deserve...such as these gorgeous, sexy, fabulous, amazing, stunning, hott, (I could go on and on) and of course fierce pair of Loubs:
Hello Lover! And I found them in red on ebay - hello ruby slippers to go with my underlying Wizard of Oz themed reception...Christian Louboutin's Very Noeud Slingback in Red Satin.
But alas, even at half the retail price, still too much for my tiny little purse strings. Enter my old trusty friends at Nine West. One day, while dreaming about my Loubs and desperately searching for a suitable alternative, I ran across these puppies on a site called
Red satin: check! Peep toe: check! Slingback: check! Oversized one-sided bow: check! Although that sexy stiletto heel is missing, these cute little Nine West Sweetlife shoes look very similar to my dream shoes...and they ARE red satin, although this picture makes them look a bit more velvety...similar enough to be worthy of my wedding shoe! And at $40 final price I found on ebay, including shipping, I can start saving up for a pair of real Loubs by the time I turn 30. And after my second dress fitting and walking around in these puppies, I have to say that I'm glad for the chunkier heel as I know my dogs would be barkin in those Loubs after only a few hours...

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